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Working glass, as technology is combined with the craftsmanship of the trade

Interview with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies:

Almost 4 thousand years ago, the ancient Egyptians were the first to work glass with the intention of creating containers useful for everyday life. Even today, glass blowers and modelers are real master craftsmen, artists able to skillfully work the natural raw material, deriving from simple quartz sand. Only in the 1600s did man learn to work crystal, or glass, in the place of which calcium is artificially added lead oxide.

Unique crystal objects handmade by our glass masters, by press and / or injection, blown or freehand, jacketed (in two or three colors), “Lalique” relief processing …

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“Combining automation with craftsmanship is our most important intuition. Technology can be copied and abroad they often know how to do it very well, but knowing how to do it by hand cannot.
We produce and market all types of blown glass and crystal and we have been awarded for the technologies we use and for the research, given that we are about to patent a crystal that has no or almost no lead content (notoriously harmful, ed.). Important laboratory tests on this front are still underway to create an increasingly green and recyclable product.”

Andrea Falaschi


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