A crystal David

This prototype made it possible to implement a new production process in the field of crystal craftsmanship, making it more efficient: the models of statues, objects and furnishing accessories so far created in wax, will now be scanned and then printed in 3D, with a important reduction of transport times and costs. Thanks to this new, more “lean” and smart production method, it will also be possible to customize products based on specific customer requests. The final development of the crystal artifacts will continue to be done by hand thanks to the know-how of this Tuscan company and its artisans, whose works are in demand all over the world. This path saw the collaboration of the Cristalleria Nuova Cev cooperative, the makers of FabLab Contea and Stefano Giannetti, architect from Ikare who supported the team in scanning the reproduced objects.

Technical support for the project: Gianni Campatelli, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Florence, head of the Manufacturing Technology Research Laboratory (MTRL) within the Department of Industrial Engineering.