President Andrea Falaschi: we were among the first to use robots; then we went back to craftsmanship and so we beat the competition

As early as the 1980s, it was using robots to automate the doffing of molten glass from the furnaces. But then it went against the tide. While the other companies in the sector introduced the machinery, Nuova Cev, a Tuscan cooperative based in Empoli, returned to enhancing the know-how of the glass masters. And it is precisely this that saved the company from the competition of the Chinese who copied the tools to make the crystals. industrialists, but they could not copy the skill of the craftsmen.
“We are a white fly – explains the president Andrea Falaschi because we continue to make unique products, combining innovation with tradition”.
A tradition that began with Cev, the company born after World War II that made glass and that before ceasing the business had begun to explore the world of crystal. She was the first to experiment with new production techniques, such as the glass cleaner robot or semi-automatic molding machines. Then, in 1987, Nuova Cev set aside the machines to focus on workers and crystal. And this too has made the difference and has allowed the cooperative not only to overcome the crisis in the sector, which began around 2005, but to grow and develop.